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Peugeot paint changes colour with your mood

Posted on 03/31/12 by Telegraph Staff

Peugeot’s latest innovation is paint that changes colour with your mood, giving you a car or all occasions.

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Fuel strike: petrol prices to reach record high

Posted on 03/31/12 by Robert Mendick,

Petrol prices will rise to record levels this week, prompted by panic buying at fuel pumps being blamed on ministers.

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There’s a crisis of competence at the top of the Tory party

Posted on 03/31/12 by Iain Martin

Recent turbulence has drawn attention to failings at No 10, says Iain Martin.

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Fuel crisis: How the drama unfolded

Posted on 03/30/12 by Victoria Ward

Fears of a fuel shortage were triggered last month when union officials announced that tanker drivers would be balloted on a strike. However, the real drama began this week, when policitians waded into the battle.

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Peugeot’s 208 GTi

Posted on 03/30/12 by Andrew English

Andrew English on whether Peugeot will build a GTi hot hatch version of its new 208 supermini.

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‘Sex assault’ driving instructor killed in car crash on way to court

Posted on 03/30/12 by Telegraph Staff

A driving instructor, Eric Coulson, accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls died in a car crash as he drove to court, it has emerged.

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Fuel strike: should motorists worry?

Posted on 03/30/12 by Telegraph Staff

As petrol stations begin to run dry and motorists become confused by conflicted messages over the likelihood of a fuel shortage, should they really worry?

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McLaren drivers race to Goodwood

Posted on 03/30/12 by Chris Knapman

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will head to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to show off McLaren’s road and race cars.

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Fuel strike: Don’t panic, form an orderly queue here

Posted on 03/29/12 by Richard Alleyne

When Pete Brown, a retired civil servant from Christchurch, Dorset, heard Francis Maude saying he should fill his tank he took him at his word.

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Fuel strike: Police close petrol stations as tempers flare

Posted on 03/29/12 by Donna Bowater

Police and fire services close petrol stations in some parts of the UK after drivers rush to the pumps to fill up over fears of an imminent strike by tanker drivers.

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