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Lamborghini Aventador worth £300,000 towed away after three-car crash

Posted on 03/31/14 by Keith Perry

The £300,000 supercar has been filmed being driven around London in the past with flames firing out of its exhaust

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Lamborghini Aventador worth £300,000 crashes into two cars in Chelsea

Posted on 03/31/14 by Telegraph Staff

This 217mph matte black Lamborghini Aventador was going nowhere fast after it was involved in a three-car collision on one of London’s most expensive streets

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Goodwood Members’ Meeting wows crowds

Posted on 03/31/14 by Chris Knapman

Those who attended the 72nd Goodwood Members’ Meeting this weekend witnessed some of the world’s greatest cars in action

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Motorists’ confusion over how to pass a horse

Posted on 03/31/14 by Nick Collins

Many drivers are uncomfortable when encountering a horse on the road and do not know how to pass it safely

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Ten new cars that cost less than £10,000

Posted on 03/31/14 by Telegraph Staff

There are some great new cars available for less than £10,000, as we are about to prove

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Florida road rage ends in crash

Posted on 03/29/14 by Telegraph Staff

A woman films what happens when the driver of a truck tailing behind gets road rage in Florida, with dangerous consequences

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Vote for your favourite performance car

Posted on 03/28/14 by Andre English

Performance cars are tipped to be all the rage this year. Vote for your favourite as part of The Telegraph Motoring Awards

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Arthur Daley’s famous Daimler for sale

Posted on 03/28/14 by Nick Gibbs

Own a slice of television history as Arthur Daley’s Daimler Sovereign goes to auction with an estimate of £10,500-£15,000    

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Ferrari fan’s love turns to Facebook legal fight

Posted on 03/28/14 by Telegraph Staff

A fan who created a popular Facebook page devoted to Ferrari is suing the automaker for unpaid work    

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Does Clubcard Fuel Save beat Asda?

Posted on 03/28/14 by Sophie Christie

Only one petrol retailer caps prices nationally… we look at the facts behind petrol prices – and the value of supermarket discount schemes    

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