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McLaren salesman saves stockbroker’s life after he crashed £245k supercar on test drive

Posted on 03/31/15 by Agency

Father-of-two Lee Christian, 37, is handed a top bravery award from Cheshire’s Chief Constable Simon Byrne for stepping in

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Driving licence changes: what do paper licence holders need to know?

Posted on 03/23/15 by Sophie Christie

The paper element of the driving licence is being scrapped in June. Here’s what you need to know

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AutoTrader shares accelerate in £2.35bn debut

Posted on 03/19/15 by Ashley Armstrong

Publisher of the Guardian has sold its stake in Trader Media Group to Apax Partners for around £600m to bankroll its loss-making newspapers and website.

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Max Chilton to drive at Goodwood’s 73rd Members’ Meeting

Posted on 03/18/15 by Paul Hudson

Ex-Formula One star will drive a classic Group C racer made by his new employer Nissan for the 1990 Le Mans 24 Hours

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London’s Addison Lee prepares for Uber challenge

Posted on 03/14/15 by Monty Munford

Taxi and minicab services around the world are going through increasingly turbulent times. One London ’40-year-old startup’ is trying to fight off the competition with yearly acquisitions and technology, says Monty Munford

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Inconsiderate drivers fall foul of £100 fines

Posted on 03/14/15 by Patrick Sawer

Police have imposed £100 on-the-spot penalty notices on thousands of motorists for careless and inconsiderate driving, including offences such as undertaking, lane hogging and splashing pedestrians

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Jeremy Clarkson suspended from Top Gear: as it happened

Posted on 03/11/15 by Gordon Rayner

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC after a ‘fracas’ with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon

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I like Jeremy Clarkson. He is a good egg…

Posted on 03/11/15 by Allison Pearson

As the viewing public demand that Jeremy Clarkson is reinstated, Allison Pearson on why the Top Gear presenter is ‘a much nicer human’ than many other stars at the BBC

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Classic Car Boot Sale

Posted on 03/10/15 by Telegraph Staff

There were some unusual vehicles in the Southbank Centre’s Hungerford Car Park last weekend at the Classic Car Boot Sale

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Reversing is no longer the only car parking nightmare

Posted on 03/09/15 by Victoria Lambert

Coins – we will miss them when they’re gone. Like when trying to pay for parking by mobile phone

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