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Rural street lights switch-off blamed over death of woman pedestrian

Posted on 05/29/15 by David Barrett

Cheryl Richards, 31, died after being hit by a car on an unlit section of a Wiltshire A-road where lighting was turned off to save money

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Insurance ‘breakthrough’: car insurer promises to tell you how much you paid last year when you renew

Posted on 05/29/15 by Sophie Christie

Insurance giant Axa is the first to clearly spell out to policyholders renewing their car insurance how much they paid the previous year – helping them shop around. About time!

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Inside Jaguar: Making a Million-Pound Car, Channel 4, review: ‘not just for car buffs’

Posted on 05/28/15 by Terry Ramsey

Watching men recreate a classic 1960s Jaguar E-Type made for a enjoyably watchable hour, says Terry Ramsey

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Vibrating steering wheel to keep drivers awake

Posted on 05/27/15 by Gregory Walton

A steering wheel that shakes drivers awake if they begin nod off while behind the wheel has been developed by a British firm

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Daimler and Qualcomm team up on wireless charging for electric cars

Posted on 05/24/15 by Agency

Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler is teaming up with mobile chip maker Qualcomm to develop in-car technology

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Why bad driving will be eliminated by 2020 – and car insurance costs will plummet

Posted on 05/23/15 by Kate Palmer

Driverless cars could dominate British roads in just five years. If there are no accidents, will we even need car insurance?

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Driverless cars will shave ‘£265′ off insurance premiums in five years

Posted on 05/23/15 by Kate Palmer

Cars will ‘eliminate bad driving’ and halve insurance costs, according to industry experts

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Lawrence of Arabia’s last ride

Posted on 05/20/15 by Nigel Winter

The death of T.E. Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia – 80 years ago remains shrouded in mystery. Nigel Winter outlines the famed soldier’s final days

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Try off-road motorcycling

Posted on 05/19/15 by Paul Hudson

A subsidised scheme to encourage everyone to experience the thrills of off-road riding is taking place for the third time this July

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Schoolboy’s tax disc reminder business makes him thousands of pounds in just weeks

Posted on 05/19/15 by Agency

Harvey Millington makes profitable business out of sending paper discs to motorists who run risk of being hit with fines if they forget to renew tax

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