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How to have a happy family holiday

Posted on 07/28/15 by Allison Pearson

One surefire way to enjoy your summer break is to ensure you have another one booked for when you get back, says Allison Pearson

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Telegraph video review: Volvo XC90

Posted on 07/26/15 by Chris Knapman

The new Volvo XC90 is put to the test in our latest video review. Is it the ultimate family 4×4?

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Look ahead to Silverstone Classic with video preview

Posted on 07/24/15 by Olivia Rudgard

The motor racing festival’s 25th anniversary is around the corner and is set to feature more than 1,000 entries across 20 races.

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Goodwood Revival 2015: Ferrari stars

Posted on 07/24/15 by Paul Hudson

More than 50 Ferrari race and road cars will be appearaing at this year’s Goodwood Revival in September

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Goodwood Revival 2015: Theo Paphitis makes his race debut

Posted on 07/24/15 by Paul Hudson

Businessman Theo Paphitis makes his Revival debut at the wheel of a Ford Anglia

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Motorist Barry Beavis takes £85 parking fine challenge to Supreme Court

Posted on 07/20/15 by David Barrett

The 48-year-old motorist from Chelmsford says fine in private car park was unlawful, in a challenge expected to have wide repercussions for drivers

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Motorway drivers perform illegal u-turns on M1 to escape traffic

Posted on 07/17/15 by Telegraph video

CCTV footage released by police shows reckless motorists performing illegal u-turns and driving the wrong way up a slip road on the M1 – all to escape a traffic jam

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Is this Britain’s most dangerous roundabout?

Posted on 07/16/15 by Telegraph video

Footage shows dozens of drivers risking head-on collisions by crossing a roundabout on the wrong side of the road and then entering the new road where oncoming traffic would be

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100-Year-Old Drivers Ride Again, ITV, review: ‘charming’

Posted on 07/15/15 by Iona McLaren

This documentary about elderly motorists was clumsy but inspiring, says Iona McLaren

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Bad British drivers: why we’re a nightmare on the roads in Europe

Posted on 07/15/15 by Hannah Ewens

From confusion over road signs to a lack of confidence: the reality of the hopeless Brit behind the wheel

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