Archive: March, 2016

Revealed: the top 10 worst drivers on the road by profession

Posted on 03/31/16 by John Bingham

Claims figures suggest fears about boy racers, white van men or yummy mummies just be a cover for the worst drivers of all

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Supercar season: Middle Eastern millionaires and their gas guzzlers hit London

Posted on 03/29/16 by Telegraph Staff

Middle Eastern millionaires and their souped up supercars hit London

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Commuters in most congested towns and cities waste five days a year in traffic

Posted on 03/22/16 by Telegraph Staff

Congestion was four per cent worse than 2014 and has grown 14 per cent over the past five years, according to study

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Royal Roller customised by Lord Mountbatten for sale

Posted on 03/15/16 by Patrick Sawer

A Rolls Royce SIlver Ghost customised by Lord Mountbatten in the 1920s is being auctioned by Bonhams.

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Up for sale: Prince Philip’s Aston Martin sports car that was specially modified so the Queen could check her hat

Posted on 03/08/16 by Sophie Jamieson

The car, worth around £450,000, also had a radio telephone so the Duke of Edinburgh could make calls in a disguised voice to the young Prince Charles

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Car smoking ban farce as Met nets no prosecutions

Posted on 03/07/16 by Robert Mendick and Robert Verkaik

Not a single fine since the law came into force five months ago

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