Driving In The Snow!

Posted on January 20, 2010 by admin No Comments

No doubt every single time that you have turned on your T.V over the past week or so, there has been an abundance of information about the snow. Usually, with the word “chaos” attached to it.

The West Midlands has seen the closure of some 500 schools and thousands of people unable to turn up for work due to the snow. Not to mention the added crises of the fact there is a short fall of the amount of salt and grit needed for the roads.

At this Driving School we have had to cancel some lessons because of the nature of the weather. The truth is, it is better to defer lessons then take a risk on icy roads.

If you really need to drive then you must take care. Carry a proper ice scraper, some de-icer and some additional clothes, should you break down.

For a safer alternative, if you must travel, public transport may be a better option. If all this fails, then just remember it will be over soon, which the news reporters never mention!

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