About Us

Hello and welcome to Wolverhampton Driving School, with over 15 years experience in driving tuition we pride ourselves in the development and training of learner drivers. With a 95% pass rate we let our results speak for themselves – our aim is to develop you into an all round confident and proficient driver. If you have any questions, please call us on local rate 0845 643 9147 or use our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Driving Lessons Wolverhampton

Our driving lessons are not the run of the mill driving lessons you may be used to, our aim is to give you as much road experience as possible in order to make you a competent and confident driver. With experience on dual carriage ways driving up to 70 m.p.h, driving in country lanes, route planning and long distance driving you will gain much more from learning with Wolverhampton Driving School then simply passing your test!

We regulary take pupils on shared driving experiences, which includes a full day out to Wales. In this time you will take part in not only driving but also navigating and fault analysis – building your hazard perception and driving skills at the same time. Get started right now and you will be one step closer to becoming road legal! Call us on local rate 0845 643 9147 or use our online enquiry form.

Intensive Driving Course Wolverhampton

If you are keen to pass in a hurry, maybe you have job commitments or some spare time, then an Intensive driving course is the right option for you. Intensive driving courses also known as driving crash courses and quick pass courses – offers you the ability to pass your test in as quick and safest time possible.

Depending on how many hours you wish to complete per day, we can have you passed in as quick as 1 week! For more information about pricing please see our prices or for more general information on what this course entails speak to us today on local rate 0845 643 9147, or leave us a message and we’ll call you back!

Driving Instructor Training Wolverhampton

Does the idea of earning £500 – £600 per week sound good to you? You could be earning this after becoming a qualified ADI with Wolverhampton Driving School! We offer training for the ADI Part 1,2 & 3 with whole courses or practical 1 on 1 tuition available, top up training is also available for qualifed ADI’s who have check tests coming up. For more information on the cost of our courses please see our prices or speak to one of our friendly staff today on local rate 0845 643 9147, if you are in a rush use our online enquiry form and we’ll call you back!